Frequently Asked Questions

I am very unfit and have never been to a gym. Is CrossFit for me?

Yes! CrossFit is universally scalable so that ANYONE of ANY ability can participate! You learn all the basic movements on your Fundamentals course and then continue to learn or enhance them in the classes. We also practice the movements involved in that days workout (WOD) before we 3-2-1-GO!


What is a WOD?

The WOD is our 'Workout of the Day' and varies hugely from one day to the next. Any WOD can be scaled down so that anyone of any age or ability can tackle it at their own level! Go to the WOD page to see some of our previous workouts.


Will I meet new people at CrossFit?

CrossFit Cheltenham is a very friendly community and you will meet lots of new people and have the opportunity to join in with the many social activities we provide and sporting events that we enter!


Is it all classes or can I just pop in?

The majority of your CrossFit will be done in a class environment as there are lots of complex movements and we like to be there to ensure you are staying safe and moving correctly at all times. All members also have the option of using our open gym time (8am-5pm on weekdays and varied times at the weekend) to practice weaknesses or hit a workout.


What happens in a class?

The classes are all 1 hour long and are led by a full qualified CrossFit coach. The classes will have a warm up, a skill or strength section and then a high intensity workout that can vary in duration from a 2-3 minutes to 30-40 minutes. Each day the class is different and varied, which is one of the reasons CrossFit is so fun!