Saturday 22nd August 2015

CrossFit Cheltenham WOD

In teams of four you will complete 2 rounds of the following with a 30 second rest between stations:

Team 1 will run 260m while the other teams complete as many reps as possible (AMRAP) on one of the stations below with all athletes working at the same time. Then the athletes rotate to the next station and team 2 runs the 260m while the other teams complete AMRAP at their station. The faster you run the 260m the less time the other teams get at that station! The clock stops for each station when the last team member returns from the 260m. If there is no team on the run all remaining teams will work for 2 minutes.

260m Run

Double unders - 2 athletes and single skips for 2 of the athletes
Wall Balls - 20/14/14/10lb ball - 2 to 10' and 2 to 9'
Walking lunges holding a plate overhead - 20 / 15 / 10 / 5kg
Knees to elbows - 2 on the bar Rx'd / 1 on the bar getting knees above parallel, 1 K2E on the floor  
Box jumps 24" for 2 athletes and box step ups 20" for 2 athletes

There is no Rx'd height/weight for this WOD, instead you will have the choice of a range of four heights/weights/movement and you will need to select athletes to use a suitable piece of equipment for their ability in order to accumulate maximum reps. Athletes may swap equipment weight with another team mate at any time. 

Record all individual reps and then add them all together for a team total!!