Thursday 14th May 2015

CrossFit Cheltenham WOD

Skill / Strength

Efficiency of movements in the WOD


Working in teams of 4 (2 men 2 women)

3 rounds of the following to complete as many reps as possible in 90 seconds on each element with a 15 second transition time between each:

Rope climbs (only 2 athletes working at any time)
5 Tyre ground to overhead and 5 Tyre step ups  (all 4 athletes working at once)
Bar muscle ups (Assisted, rotating round the athletes in the same order, 1 rep each)
Walking lunge steps in pairs (change any personnel at any time)
Ring pull ups (only 2 athletes working at any time)
Pairs farmers walk 200' with 32/24kg (change every time you complete the 200')