July 2019 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Firstly, well done to everyone that competed in the recent Fatloss Challenge. We had 25 members taking part and they all smashed it and got some fantastic results!

Competitions and achievements

Well done to the CrossFit Cheltenham teams that have competed in the last few weeks. Sophia Maynell and Scott Drain entered the Superhuman Games in Bristol as individuals, and Helena Donald and Caroline Smialek entered the Pairs competition there too and actually came third in the Masters division!

Caroline and Helena Superhuman.jpg

We also had some teams competing at Oxford Fitfest a couple of weeks ago. Well done Lofty Sheer, Paul Gunter, Steve Barnes, James Stickland, Will Bates, John Williams, Hannah Gale, Laura Gunter and Sian Evans. It sounds like you had a great time with some challenging workouts!

group comp.jpg

Then last weekend a few members competed at Battle for middle ground, which is a big achievement in itself as they had to quality to earn their spot. Well done Simon Jennings, John Williams, Vicky Tustin, Holly Gardner, Sophia Maynell and Rachel Taylor! And congratulations to Simon for coming 3rd in his category and making the podium!

Battle for middle ground.jpg

Well done to everyone that took part in the WODathon this weekend! It’s always a great weekend and very rewarding, and for a great cause The African Maternity Link.

WODathon 2019.jpg

Box news

Last month we said goodbye to coach Hannah Gale. Han has moved to London with her husband because of his new job, and has secured herself a position at a CrossFit box there. We all wish you the best of luck Han. You’ll always have a home here at CrossFit Cheltenham!

Han Devon.jpg

For those of you that are wondering where coach Gianni has gone - he’s not left us, he’s just on a five week holiday in America. He’s visiting lots of different boxes over there too!

You may have also noticed a change to some of the classes. Vicky Tustin, Rachel Taylor and Grace Hawken are helping to coach for a couple of months before becoming qualified CrossFit coaches with a view to start taking their own classes in September.

The seniors 60+ classes are going well but we could do with a few more people getting involved. Most of the time, people are worried that CrossFit will be too hard for them so don’t want to give it a try. If you have anyone that could be persuaded, ask them to come along to the class on a Monday at 10:45. The workouts are a bit easier and are quite scaled, so there is nothing to worry about!


Don’t forget you can bring a friend along to any class as their free taster session! Just let us know which class they will be coming to so that we can register them for it. We have got a great start up offer on at the minute too!

Congratulations to two CrossFit Cheltenham couples. Coach Matt Parkinson and our Osteopath Phoebe (was Bolton), who actually met at CrossFit Cheltenham!, and members Istvan Gerstenmayer and Chloe (was Merris) both got married in the last few weeks! Congratulations to two lovely couples!

Matt Phoebe Wedding.jpg

Coming up...

Awards night 2019 - THIS SATURDAY!

The 2019 Awards night is this Saturday 6th July at Newlands in Cheltenham! If you haven’t booked your place and chosen your food option for the evening, please do so by 2nd July via the store! You can also place your votes online until 2nd July too!

Sarah awards night.jpg

Tribal Clash 2019

Good luck to our CrossFit Cheltenham teams going down to Devon to compete at Tribal Clash on 13th and 14th July. If you want to go down to support them, it’s on the beach so is a good one to watch! The teams competing are:

  • The Kongs Collective (Max Pioli, Oli Jeacock, Laura Gunter, Abie Jeffries, Steve Barnes and Mark Underwood)

  • Super team awesome (Will Bates, Kris Wojtas, Josh Brooker-Borny, Anita Rogaczewska Wicek, Lizzie Mawdsley and Barbara Kramerczyk)

  • Cheltenham champs (Sarah Gates, Rachel Taylor, Bex Pioli, Ben Goss, Ryan Black and Rob Collins)

Max Tribal.jpg

The Predator Series Mixed Pairs Throwdown Summer 2019 - 17th August!

We have still got a few spaces left in the Mixed Pairs Throwdown in August! Get a partner and get involved! Out of the 38 teams currently registered, so far we have got 5 CrossFit Cheltenham teams registered:

  • ‘WOD a pair’ (Rachel Taylor and Jason Koudoua)

  • ‘Jizzie’ (Josh Brooker-Borny and Lizzie Mawdsley)

  • ‘Weasley Wodders’ (Molly Stone and Matt Boal)

  • ‘If I pass out, bring cider’ (Zoe Stoddart and Joes Markey)

  • ‘Queen & Jerk’ (Anita Walker and Jack Evans)


The Predator Series Three of a kind Throwdown Summer 2019 - 18th August!

We have also got some spaces left at our next Three of a kind Throwdown too! These comps are always so much fun and challenging at the same time, so enter a team if you can! There are 45 teams registered so far, so not many left! The CrossFit Cheltenham teams (which are all female - come on boys!) that have already registered are:

  • ‘Bringing flexy back' (Abie Jeffries, Hannah Raynsford and Molly Stone)

  • ‘6am SLAMMERS’ (Holly Gardner, Anita Walker and Laura Gunter)

  • ‘No Trouble Unders’ (Claire Johnstone, Alison Walters and Lorraine Hughes)

  • ‘The Powderpuff Girls (Rachel Taylor, Ellie Moss and Laura Hunt)

  • ‘ZONic’ (Zoe New, Oli Jeacock and Nicola Geoghegan)


Have a lovely July and as always if you’ve got anything that you would like to go in the Newsletter for next month let me know!

Kylie x