March 2019 Newsletter

February has been a great month, with lots of socials and our CrossFit Cheltenham Throwdowns too! We hope you’re enjoying the CrossFit Games Open, whether you are officially taking part or not. It’s always fun to have a bit of friendly competition, and so far team Ben are in the lead (followed by team Steve, team Will, team Hannah and team Gianni) but there are three weeks left! The team tops are now available to collect from your team captains. A big thank you to member Dave Fern (Back On The Bar) for designing and printing them!

CrossFit Cheltenham Throwdowns!
Thank you so much to everyone that helped with them and well done to all of our members that got involved! And a big shout out to Hannah Gale and Lofty Sheer for topping the podium again! We attract lots of athletes with around 60 teams competing on both days, with some very strong teams taking part! Aswell as ‘Lofty and Ledge’ getting the top spot at the Mixed Pairs Throwdown on the Saturday, ‘Click Bait’ (Simon Jennings and Charlie Williams) came 5th, ‘Team G’ (Laura and Paul Gunter) came 12th, and ‘Oh my WOD’ (Istvan Gerstenmayer and Chloe Merris) came 52nd out of 59 teams. At the Three of a Kind Throwdown on the Sunday, ‘Bringing Flexy Back’ (Hannah Raynsford, Mollie Stone and Abie Jeffries) came 10th and ‘JLS’ (Jordan Heard, Laura Ratcliffe and Sarah Winsworth) came 16th out of 22 Female teams. And ‘Kurwa Mac’ (Krzysztof Wojtas, Tomasz Wojczyk and Josh Brooker-Borny) came 15th and ‘BS Cheltenham’ (Craig Hodges, Aaron Spells and Danny Williams) came 20th out of 30 Male teams. Well done everyone!


One to one sessions
It's been a few weeks since we started our goal setting sessions for members. They seem to be going really well and people are thriving with a bit of extra guidance towards their individual goals! If you haven't had your session yet, get in touch with Hannah Gale to book it.

New 60+ senior classes
Our 60+ senior classes started a few weeks ago and they’re going really well! If you’ve got any relatives or fiends that fancy giving CrossFit a go, get them to come along and have a free trial in the class on a Monday at 10.45am!


Fat Loss Challenge results
Well done to everyone taking part in the New Year Fat Loss Challenge. With one week to go until the end of the challenge, the group of 16 have already lost a total of 125lbs between them, which is 8lbs each on average, and some people have lost 14lbs (a stone)! Check out Natalie Sollar’s picture below. We will be running the next 10 week challenge from 3rd April. This will run until the middle of June so will help with any Summer weight loss goals! You can register for it via the timetable.

Natalie S weightloss.jpg

Goodbye to James!
We are very sad that coach James O'Meeghan is leaving us to go to Kuwait. He's been offered a great opportunity out there and we wish him lots of success! Thank you James for being a great coach and always going over and above what is expected!

Welcome Tom!
We are very happy to welcome Tom Wojczyk as a new CrossFit coach! Many of you will know Tom as a member as he's been with us for a few years, but he has now taken his CrossFit Level one qualification and is a CrossFit Cheltenham coach! He's doing a great job already and is a brilliant asset to the coaching team!


Feb competitions!
As well as our Throwdowns at the box, members have also competed elsewhere.  Josh Brooker-Borny, Lizzie Mawdsley, Abie Jeffries and Matt Dryden competed at the Chew Valley Throwdown and came 11th out of 20 teams. Caroline Smialek, Anita Douglas, Helena Donald and Sophia Maynell competed in Bath at The Superhuman Games and came came 4th out of 10 teams in the Masters division. Then Simon Jennings and Chris Mills competed at a same sex pairs competition in Bidford-on-Avon and won, against a very strong team from CrossFit Ozbox in Oxford! Well done everyone!

Girls competing.jpg

Will trying to get to The CrossFit Games!
Coach Will Kane has been to Regionals a few times in the past but now that there are no Regionals he will be trying to get to The Games via one of the sanctioned events. He will be heading to The Asia CrossFit Championship on 27th April to try to earn himself the spot! You will also be able to follow his trip out there as he will be going with YouTube Vlogers ‘Team Richie’. Good luck Will!

Coming up at the box...

Brunch at Botanica on 11th March
Gianni and Aimee are taking the 9.30am'ers to Botanica on Monday 11th March at 11.15am. All members are also welcome to go along, so please let them know if you will be joining them!

The Open BBQ on 30th March
To celebrate the end of The Open, we are having a BBQ at the box on 30th March. This is for all members, whether you have taken part in it or not. Please come along and bring your own food and drink!

Battle for Middle ground qualifiers starting 1st April
There are a few members taking part in the Battle for Middle ground qualifiers between 1st and 17th April. It’s quite an achievable competition to qualify for as there are scaled and Rx’d categories, so if you fancy giving it a go please let coach Gianni or trainee-coach Joe Markey know, as they’re keen to hit the qualifiers as a group to really maximise results! So far, Simon Jennings, Sophia Maynell, Joe Markey, Holly Gardner, Gianni Frijia, Vicky Tustin and Rachel Taylor have signed up. The finals are on 22nd and 23rd June.

Spring/Summer Fat loss challenge!
We will be running the next 10 week challenge from 3rd April. This will run until the middle of June, so it would be a good time to get ready for the summer holidays! You can book on via the timetable and check out the details on Facebook!

Go Ape!
Aimee Bowyer is arranging a trip to Go Ape on 7th April. Please let me or Aimee know if you want to go!

The Predator Series Mixed Fours Throwdown at CrossFit Cheltenham - 27th and 28th April!
Our next Throwdown is a big one - it’s our first two-day competition and is for teams of four! This is a great opportunity to experience two days of competing! Check out the details on Facebook. You can register your team via Competition Corner.

Have an awesome month and carry on smashing those Open workouts and getting PBs!

Kylie x