Meet Lizzie!

Lizzie M 1.jpg

How long have you been with us at CrossFit Cheltenham?
I joined in May 2017 just after moving to Cheltenham so have been coming for just over a year!

Tell us about yourself...
I'm 30 years old and live just around the corner from the box with Josh. I also have two lovely cats

What do you do outside of the box?
Work, wine and socialising. I'm actually sat in the airport to go to Glasgow at the moment to see my sister and friends

What was it that made you decide to give CrossFit a try?
My partner Josh booked me into a free taster session as I'd been nervous about starting. After my first class I loved it and it was completely different from my expectations. I thought it would be like the weights section in the gym but I couldn't have more wrong

What is your favourite thing about CrossFit Cheltenham?
I love the friendly welcoming atmosphere.

Who inspires you at CrossFit Cheltenham?
Hannah Gale as she's a beast. And Kylie as she's still wodding whilst heavily pregnant! Girl power

What time of day do you prefer to train?
Well I've actually been mixing it up at the moment and coming to the odd morning session as it's been so hot. However the evening is normally my favourite as I tend to feel stronger.

What else do you get up to outside of the gym?
Cycling, swimming and drinking wine. I love going to festivals and am braving the weather of Scotland for an end of season festival this September.

What is your favourite CrossFit WOD?
DT as I love the barbell work.

What is your least favourite WOD?
Nancy, as I really struggle with overhead squats! I still turn up even when I see it's on though

Of all the many different CrossFit disciplines, which one do you excel in?
Probably strength or rowing. My gymnastics needs some work lol

If you could create your own WOD, what would it be?
Part A - 500m row for time
Part B - build to a 1rm power clean in next 5 minutes

What is your favourite WODing jam?
Anything dnb or jungle gets me moving quicker!

What’s your favourite food?
Everything.... I don't think I can narrow it down to one meal but for cuisine it would have to be indian. Or maybe Thai...

What’s your ultimate ‘cheat’ meal?
Fish and chips with mushy peas from a proper chippy of course

What’s your favourite tipple?
A nice white sauvingnon blanc!

What’s your favourite memory at CrossFit Cheltenham so far?
Competing with josh at the mixed pairs comp. Anyone who's been thinking of doing one but isnt sure, I would definitely recommend signing up! Loads of fun and you'll push yourself much more than in a normal class.

Do you have any funny stories of your time at CrossFit Cheltenham?
The award ceremony was such a laugh. "Most likely to do a wod with his d**k hanging out 2018" haha!

Tell us a fun fact about you!
I once cross dressed at a festival and became my male alter ego Terrance. Think Ali G crossed with Craig David.

What are your goals and aspirations for the next year?
Strict pull ups and consistently kipping toes to bar

How has CrossFit improved you or your life?
My fitness has rocketed and I don't blink about carrying the cat litter home. It's also taught me a new mental strength I didn't know I had!

My motto is…
When I'm at the pub and people are talking about leaving, I like to throw in.... "one for the road"