Meet Jack!

Jack Evans.jpg

How long have you been with us at CrossFit Cheltenham? Just over 1 year, 13 months to be precise!

What was it that made you decide to give CrossFit a try? I could never get on with training at “conventional” gyms, I used to hate the whole put in headphones don’t talk to anyone and get out as fast as you can culture. The main reasons I joined was the wonder taster session from Steve (I was almost sick) and the fact it is less then a 1 minute walk to where I work in the estate!

What is your favourite thing about CrossFit Cheltenham? I’m a big fan of the atmosphere within the Box, the coaches and fellow members are always welcoming even first thing in the morning.

Who inspires you at CrossFit Cheltenham? Everyone Generally! Especially the people who put in so much effort that lying on the floor for 15 minutes is a post WOD requirement. One of the things I love is looking at the WODs previous scores and attempting to compare and beat others with a similar or better ability to me (in a friendly way obviously.....).

What time of day do you prefer to train? There is only one time of day to train... 7AM.

What else do you get up to outside of the gym? Seeing Family and having drinks with Friends is always a favourite. A big hobby of mine before CrossFit was mounting biking, however being the accident and injury prone person I am it resulted in broken ribs, fingers, toes and an ankle.

What is your favourite CrossFit WOD? To name one specifically it would have to be “Fight Gone Bad”. Box Jumps, Wall Balls, Deadlifts to name a few of the movements, the best thing about it.... zero Burpees!

What is your least favourite WOD? Burpees - Anything with Burpees and any variety of Burpees. People who say they like them are wrong.

Of all the many different CrossFit disciplines, which one do you excel in? Excel would not be my word of choice, however a CrossFit discipline I would say I am ”good” at would be weightlifting, being a bigger guy seems to help! Although it doesn’t help as much with gymnastics.

If you could create your own WOD, what would it be? A combination of D-Ball Cleans, Sled Pulls, S2OH and Wall Balls sounds pretty fun!

What is your favourite WODing jam? I would have to go for a mixture of Rap / Drum & Bass, a bit of Kanye mixed in with Chase & Status is always a good combination.

What’s your favourite food? Carbs... preferably pizza and lots of it. Although as I am taking part in the fat loss challenge I would say Salmon & Sweet Potato seem to be the favourites of the month.

What’s your ultimate ‘cheat’ meal? Hmm... this is a good question if I could have an ultimate cheat meal right now it would have to be a KFC boneless box wrapped inside a large Dominos pizza. Only around 4,000 Calories.

What’s your favourite tipple? This varies a lot depending on the occasion however the most popular two would be Guinness and Rum & Coke.

What’s your favourite memory at CrossFit Cheltenham so far? I think two of my favourite memories from CrossFit Cheltenham were hitting a 100kg C&J and 150kg Back Squat. You can’t beat that PR feeling.

Do you have any funny stories of your time at CrossFit Cheltenham? My favourite story to date is Henry spotting JJ on a heavy back squat and it going horribly wrong. If you haven’t seen the video check it out on the group!

What are your goals and aspirations for the next year? My ultimate goal for the next year is to be able to complete all of the open workouts RX’d.

How has CrossFit improved you or your life? Besides the usual improvements of Fitness and Strength, it has helped me to get a healthier mind-set, stopped me from being so lazy and actually enjoying exercise.

Anything else you would like to add? A big shout out to the 7am crew who help get me through the wonderful (Horrible) WODs.

My motto is… You shouldn’t cheat at anything in life whether it’s at home, in the gym or at work. You will only end up cheating yourself! No one likes a hollow victory.