Meet Paul!

Paul G.jpg

How long have you been with us at CrossFit Cheltenham? Since July 2014

What was it that made you decide to give CrossFit a try? I became interested since speaking with someone at work, who had already done CrossFit for a few years. So I had done a few WODs at my current globo gym once a week taken from I'd always played competitive sports however began to enjoy the training more than game day. I was recovering from an injury (in a cast for 6mths following surgery) which put me out of rugby whilst I was recovering. I soon realised I didn't miss the rugby but was happy in the gym, then found CrossFit Cheltenham through some friends

What is your favourite thing about CrossFit Cheltenham? The community is great, whether it be at the box or at competitions. Everybody is approachable and willing to help and generally more so, the more experienced they are which is handy for when you want to pick someone's brain.

Who inspires you at CrossFit Cheltenham? David Shorunke.

What time of day do you prefer to train? It used to be 7am, pre baby, but now 7/8pm.

What else do you get up to outside of the gym? I'm a family man now so my time is now spent in farm parks and soft plays but I wouldn't change it. Fitness wise, the occasional run when I have to. Work on those weaknesses.

What is your favourite CrossFit WOD? King Kong.

What is your least favourite WOD? Kalsu (the burpee circle of doom breaks me).

Of all the many different CrossFit disciplines, which one do you excel in? As long as it's heavy, I'm happy. I do like the strongman stuff too.

If you could create your own WOD, what would it be? Not really thought about it. Anything with a heavy barbel, or rowing. Ideally short enough duration which doesn't require me to actually breath. Or if that's not possible, plenty or rest instead.

What is your favourite WODing jam? When it's a particularly sweaty miserable WOD, some angry D&B

What’s your favourite food? I have so much chicken, beef, rice and greens, I tend to go to town on cheese and crackers when the opportunity arrises.

What’s your ultimate ‘cheat’ meal? As of late, I do like Holee Cow burgers. Recommend Piggy in the Middle.

What’s your favourite tipple? I do like a cider....or port with my cheese.

What’s your favourite memory at CrossFit Cheltenham so far? The first SiD I went to in Bath. The atmosphere with the crowd and the big names there make you feel a bit like a pro athlete. That or Tribal Clash.

Do you have any funny stories of your time at CrossFit Cheltenham? There are plenty. People falling off boxes in qualifiers, people completing Open wods only to realise they got the weights wrong, people falling off rowers after an over zealous pull after not strapping in, or people getting their balls tangled up in a band on banded bar muscleups - YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

What are your goals and aspirations for the next year? I'd like to qualify for another international event and not get injured while I'm out there. It would be nice to finish one.

My motto is… Go big or go home. A classic.