Meet Donna!

Donna 1.jpg

How long have you been with us at CrossFit Cheltenham? 6 years!?!?!!???

What do you do outside of the box? I'm a sport and remedial massage therapist, I sing in a band ... And I love ballroom dancing!

What was it that made you decide to give CrossFit a try? I was looking for a new challenge for me and my friend and found a YouTube video of CrossFit and thought, that might be for us! Then we found out CrossFit Cheltenham was opening up in a couple of weeks time so came along.

What is your favourite thing about CrossFit Cheltenham? The fact it's so inclusive, you can be any ability and everyone is always so encouraging.

Who inspires you at CrossFit Cheltenham? I think it's inspiring to see anyone working hard and achieving something they've never done before, so over the years that's been a lot of people!

What time of day do you prefer to train? These days it's usually 6pm. I do like a later morning weekend class too.

What is your favourite CrossFit WOD? I like rowing, and I don't mind Burpees. Annie is a fun one too. Anything that doesn't involve a heavy barbell is ok!

What is your least favourite WOD? Kelly. I have never finished that workout, it's horrendous. Also Kalsu... And that open wod with the thrusters and Burpees that never seemed to end.

Of all the many different CrossFit disciplines, which one do you excel in? Hahahaha hahahaha. Bear crawls???

What is your favourite WODing jam? Maybe some Audioslave?

What’s your favourite food? There are too many amazing foods in the world to choose a favourite!

What’s your favourite memory at CrossFit Cheltenham so far? The first year of tribal clash, getting to compete in one of the teams was really cool, but watching the main team win was awesome. Having said that, without CrossFit Cheltenham I would not have met so many of the awesome people that are in my life now. Many memories in my life would never have happened if I hadn't joined!

What are your goals and aspirations for the next year? To carry on enjoying staying fit and healthy.

How has CrossFit improved you or your life? CrossFit has improved my life in many ways. I'm mentally tougher than when I first joined, I'm much, much fitter and I have so many amazing people in my life that I wouldn't have met otherwise.