Saturday 30th August 2014

CrossFit Cheltenham WOD

Skill / Strength

Efficiency of movements in the WOD and strategy


In teams of 4 (2 males, 2 females) complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes:

50 Box jump overs as a team of 4, in order, 1 rep at once 20"

Then 8 runs of 200m as a pair carrying a 12k Kettlebell begin (both must have a hand on the Kettlebell throughout the run). After each 200m is completed the pair must swap. Once all 8 runs are complete all 4 athletes will be available to continue the chipper together.

This leaves the other pair to continue working on the chipper 

50 Thrusters (men) / Shoulder to overhead (women) 35kg
50 Over bar burpees alternating with partner
50 Pull ups
As many reps as possible in the remaining time of:
Ground to overhead 35kg (men - 1 point / women - 2 points per rep)
All 4 athletes must take a turn in order but may complete as many reps as they wish on their turn