Wednesday 16th July 2014

CrossFit Cheltenham WOD

Skill / Strength

Establish a 20 rep max overhead walking lunge


In teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women), 2 WOD's will be running simultaneously. 2 athletes (1 man, 1 woman) will rotate every minute for 16 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible on each triplet distributing the work any way you want with only one athlete working at any time, on each WOD
Eg. both men start on triplet 1 and both women start on triplet 2, at the end of the first minute one man goes to triplet 2 and one woman goes to triplet 1. At the end of the second minute both the men will be on triplet 2 and the women on triplet 1 etc.

Triplet 1

60 Double unders
40 Front squats 30kg
20 Bar facing burpees

Triplet 2

20 Pull ups
40 Kettlebell Swings 24kg
60 Box jump overs 20"