Saturday 12th April 2014

CrossFit Cheltenham WOD

In pairs complete the following three parts with no more than 4 minutes rest between each part:

Part A 

Complete 2 x 200m sled pulls at 70/50kg with a 2 minute rest between each pull
(Record the time for each individual sled pull)

Part B

For time:
Athlete 1 runs 400m with a 20/15kg plate overhead
Athlete 2 runs 400m with a 20/15kg plate overhead
Both athletes run 400m together carrying the 20/15kg plate overhead and may swap the plate at any time.
(You may bring the plate down at any point or rest the plate on your head/body but you must STOP travelling forward until the plate is back overhead)

Part C

For time:

Row 2000m